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Updating Exterior Surfaces Without Depleting Your Bank Account

September 24th, 2010 · No Comments

Having updated and stylish floors for the interior of your home can make all the difference in the look and feel of a house. But what about the look of the exterior floors and surfaces of your home? What if you want to give your home some curb appeal without breaking the bank?

There are many economical and easy updates you can apply to your driveway, garage floor and walkway of your home. While it may not be something you have ever considered, adding a little flair to these surfaces may make a huge difference in the overall appearance and flow of your home. Having an updated and uniform appearance both inside and outside will increase the value of your home and also create a more enjoyable living environment.

For many residential homes, the garage floor, driveway and walkway of the house is made of concrete. Concrete is an easy surface to update, as transforming the look of the floor can be as easy as applying a few coats of paint. The proper paint for these surface areas can be found at most any home improvement store, and applying the paint is as easy as it gets. You will want to clean the surface, seal any cracks and then paint. The process is not lengthy, although you will need to make sure the floor has had plenty of time to dry, especially if you are wanting to apply more than one coat of paint.

Some easy tricks and techniques to adding a pattern or more intricate design to a driveway or walkway depends on how creative you can get. Using a piece of garden trellis as a stencil for your driveway is a crafty and inexpensive way to add some style to the desired area. Clean, sear and paint the concrete with the base color of your choice. After the painted surface has had ample time to fully dry, use a piece of garden trellis or another patterned material as a stencil. Start at the top of the surface and work your way down. Using a different color of paint (spray paint works well for this process and is an easy and fairly clean way to achieve the desired look). Spray the area then lift the trellis and place it next to the spot you just stenciled. This technique will give your surface an artistic and appealing look. You can keep the pattern going the same way or turn the trellis at different angles to create a more abstract look.

The possibilities for updating with paint depend on how creative you can get. Using two contrasting colors, one for the base coat and another for the top design color, practice unique designs that can easily be recreated on the entire surface. Find materials that will make great stencils, or if you are really brave, freehand the designs yourself.

For walkways and driveways, you can also use pavers to create a desired look. Although pavers can be pricy, the finished product is beautiful and will increase the value of your home. If you like the look of pavers but not the price, try using pavers only on the sides of your driveway or on a fraction of the total area. This will still give you a nice update without taking a bite out of your bank account.

Stores also sell epoxy treatments for garage floors that give a professional look that is easy to maintain. There are decorative flakes and designs that can be applied to the surface to add extra color and warmth to the surface.

Updating the exterior areas of your home can be a major plus to increasing the value and overall feel of your home. The important thing to remember is that it is your home and in the end, you have to be content with the final product. Do some research and find some ideas that you like. You may just have a new found love for your driveway.

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