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The Nail Kicker® Denailer by Reconnx®

November 9th, 2007 · No Comments

Check out this useful tool for Deconstruction. It’s a nail kicker, created by an innovative company in Boulder, Colorado that is dedicated to Deconstruction practices. “RECONNX believes, hidden within that industry-wide practice, an international business opportunity exists to provide the right tools and lumber reuse will become a financially competitive alternative to disposal.”

The Nail Kicker® Denailer by Reconnx®

What this cool tool is and what it does:
– It is a handheld Pneumatic Denailer.
– Similar to a nail gun but it ‘kicks’ nails out of lumber without messing up your piece of wood. Also, as a wood flooring tool, it removes nails from loose boards without damaging the edges of tongues or grooves.
– Speeds up the deconstruction of buildings, making it more cost-effective to salvage and reuse lumber that was normally destined for the landfill.
What is Deconstruction, you ask ????
Check out our site tomorrow to read about Kurt Buss, the Deconstruction Contractor.

Written by Jude Herr

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