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Most Expensive Hardwood Floors

January 17th, 2012 · 1 Comment

Many owners are faced with the dilemma of the flooring type they should choose for their homes. There is laminate flooring, vinyl, hardwood, and so many other choices, all having their advantages and disadvantages.

Whenever confronted with such questions, we refer our customers to the results of a survey conducted by the National Wood Flooring Association. The organization surveyed real estate agents throughout the country, and found out that hardwood floors, among all flooring types, will help sell homes faster, and (probably) at a better price.

But this is hardly the toughest choice a customer has to make when installing new floors. Once decided that hardwood flooring makes the best choice for their homes, customers are faced with the challenge of selecting ‘the right’ type of hardwood floors.

A perusal on the Lumber Liquidators’ website, the nation’s largest hardwood retailer, reveals a wide selection of hardwood floors, all coming with different colors, qualities, and prices. We’ll take a look now at some of the most expensive (and beautiful) hardwood flooring tiles you can opt from to hopefully make your choice easier and help you through the process.

1. Zebra Wood – This is probably the most expensive hardwood floors in the world. It is an exotic wood with an appearance that resembles the striping of a zebra. The zebra wood was a favorite choice among the rich – it was used inside luxury cars such as Mercedes Benz, but also in Prada’s flagship store in Manhattan. However, eco-friends be warned – zebra wood comes from an endangered tree in West Africa, so choosing a rare wood, as the zebra wood, might have unwanted ecological consequences.

2. Wenge – It’s about the deep brown color, an almost black, which gives wenge a ‘vow’ effect, making it an instant hit among owners who want to give their homes personality and elegance at the same time. Wenge is a very hard, heavy, and durable wood. Wenge is an exotic wood, harvested in Central Africa, and although it’s not among endangered species, the product is rare and hence very, very expensive in the US.

3. Brazilian Walnut – It is also known as Ironwood, and it is the hardest wood in the world, with an unmatched 3,680 on the Janka scale. In addition to its hardness, the wood does very well in humid areas and it’s very resistant to pests. The Brazilian Walnut has beautiful chocolate color, which makes it a popular choice for both decking application and flooring.

Calin is a marketing professional with the Flooring Service Group, a leader in Atlanta hardwood flooring.

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