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Maple Hardwood Flooring

November 12th, 2007 · No Comments

Maple hardwood flooring is durable and beautiful. Maple flooring has numerous styles — or patterns — to choose from; birds eye maple, hard rock maple and tiger maple being examples. For the environmentally concerned, reclaimed maple hardwood flooring could be for you. Check maple prices to ensure you have the best deal for your situation. Whether you are going for gym flooring in maple or just flooring your house, solid maple flooring is worth considering.

Do you know what basketball and maple flooring have in common? Maple flooring is widely used in basketball courts and other sport arenas throughout the world. Maple is durable flooring (its Janka hardness score is 1450) that looks beautiful and it allows athletes to get traction. That is why it is used so often on professional, college, high school, and younger children?s basketball courts. It is also used in other sports arenas as well as bowling alleys. However, maple flooring is not just for sports anymore, it is also widely being used in homes across the world due to its beauty and practicality.

Maple flooring’s colors vary from a light tan to a light brown in color. Most of the time, both colors are used when installing maple flooring in homes and in gyms to keep it looking natural and to play up its aesthetic beauty. Maple flooring can be used in any style of home. Its lighter color helps to brighten up any home and draws attention to the home and decoration rather than immediately to the floor. Decor can be changed easily as maple flooring will flow with almost any decorating style and idea.

If you are looking for a floor with history, then you may want to consider reclaimed maple hardwood flooring for your home. Reclaimed wood is flooring that has been rescued from demolished homes, mills, ships, barns, etc. Most of the wood is at least 70 years old and some of the flooring may even date back to Civil War times. The rustic look of this flooring is what gives it character and interest. Yet you never know who has walked on these floors before!

There are many different kinds of maple flooring available. Each has its own character and look. Compare the prices and look of all of the different kinds of maple flooring to make sure that you are getting the look that you want for your flooring budget. Research several different flooring manufacturers as you would be surprised by the price differences that occur between companies. Whether you choose Hard Rock Maple or Birds Eye Maple flooring, you are sure to have a floor that will be beautiful for years!

Maple flooring is easy to maintain and keep clean and is great for homes with people with allergies. Allergens cannot get ground into wood floors, so it is much easier to reduce the allergen level in your home by keeping your maple flooring or other hardwoods clean. If you are looking for beautiful floors for your home that will help to reduce your allergies, then maple flooring is a great choice for you!

If you are looking for a way to update your floors and make your home look great, then you will want to consider installing solid maple flooring. The color of the maple floors will look great in any style home with any style of decor. Maple flooring will add interest and value to any home as well as giving it a welcoming feel.

Choose maple flooring for your home, just be sure you tell your kids that it is not a basketball court!

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