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How To Decide On The Kind Of Flooring You Need

January 8th, 2008 · 2 Comments

Flooring is no more something which is hidden under carpets. The world of flooring has also gained popularity and these days there are all sorts of designs and types to suit each individuals needs. Flooring has become a style statement. What you use on your flooring reflects on your character and nature.

A lot of thinking has to be done before making your choices. Some of the factors that you have to keep in mind are:-

1. The size of the room/ building.
2. The color scheme of the walls.
3. The purpose of the rooms.
4. Your budget.
5. Maintenance.
6. The climate and other natural conditions of the place you live in.
7. Transportation availability and costs.

Once you have all these points considered, you can make your final pick. Marble has been the choice of many for ages. It’s white and gives a royal look. This type of flooring can be done in homes where the rooms are large and you have enough man power to maintain it. Marble needs to be polished once in two three years to maintain the shine. It is not advisable in homes where there are elderly people as there is a small chance they may slip and fall.

The other royal flooring which is black in color is granite. This is also for those buildings and homes where the rooms are big. If used in a small room it may give it a very small and stuffy look. Don’t forget to check the water in your area before opting for granite. As it is black in color if the floor is mopped with salt water there will be salt deposits which is clearly visible.

Going for tiles has been the choice of many. It is simple to maintain, is cost effective and pretty easy to replace as well. Another big advantage that tiles have is that you can pick and choose any color that you want. They come in all sorts of finishes suitable for your wet floors and dry floors. If you want to have tiles for convenience but love wood, there is no problem as there are tiles which look just like wood.

Seeing and being around nature is a rare sight. So if you want your home to be eco friendly you can always go for wood flooring. They are slightly tough to maintain and you will have to keep getting them varnished at regular intervals. They can be replaced with ease and you can feel nature right under your feet everyday every time.
Mosaic flooring has been around for ages. It is the most effective flooring for buildings where you have a lot of movement and less of maintenance. All it needs is to be polished once in a while and it will be as good as new. Mosaic is not recommended for homes where you have dogs as pets. The flooring is best suited for those who need a maintenance free floor.

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