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“G-Floor”: Roll-Out Garage Flooring from Better Life Technology

November 4th, 2007 · 3 Comments

Don’t know if you’ve noticed but the garage has gone from a once neglected space to a major part of the home environment. With that being stated the staff here at FlooringNews.com decided to delve into the first and most dynamic step in taking your car’s home to the next level: the floor.

Painting the floor is currently the status quo option for upgrading the garage. Epoxy coating and painting leaves an impressive look if the application is executed to near perfect standards, but that rarely ever occurs (ahem, sad personal experience). Done on a professional grade level epoxying and painting does provide a bang, but for a buck. Having to pay for the labor to paint the floor the right way if you aren’t the do it yourself type can be a budget buster. Epoxying is also time consuming, upwards of ten days in some cases, thus making it every sense of the word a project. To add insult to budget and time constraints peeling will diminish the value of the investment and the maintenance needed will again add to an already swelled budget. Bottom line the epoxy process is reliant on ultra skilled labor and even environmental conditions such as moisture. These factors make it too much of an installation wildcard with a high probability of dissatisfaction. Over all grade: C+

G Floor Roll Out Flooring
Tiling the old garage floor is a common solution in lieu of painting. You need glue, trowels, knee pads, and sometimes even patch to smooth out inconsistencies on the floor surface. Laying tile is labor intensive, not to mention expensive if contracted out. The risk of eventual cracked or peeled up tiles combined with the maintenance it takes to keep the tiles looking up to par make for a difficult sell to the busy home owner. Not a favorite with us. Overall grade: C-

A product that definitely takes the stress and expense out of beautifying your garage floor is Better Life Technology’s G-Floor roll out flooring. G-Floor is solid polyvinyl (no sub-par laminated compositions in this stuff) and its available in 10ft. widths, the perfect size for the garage. Installation is easy, consisting of only dropping G-Floor into place, cutting the edges if required, and better yet no messy glue is needed-further expense avoided. With G-Floor’s full coverage sheet installation, imperfections, cracks, and old stubborn grease stains that were constant eye sores are gone. Another benefit of G-Floor’s full coverage composition is it’s ability to prevent contaminants emitted from your car from reaching the concrete, soil, or water levels of your home. G-Floor actually possesses a natural vapor/moisture barrier making it easy to clean, reducing the tracking in of grease, grim, and the filth that leak out of our cars, eventually finding their way into our homes. Better Life Technology began producing garage flooring after co-owner, then obedient husband, Brett Sneed ruined his wife’s white carpet with slush dragged in from the garage. Ever since then cleanliness was the catalyst and still is the driving factor in product development at Better Life Technology. Cleaning your G-Floor is as easy as wiping away car secretions with an everyday vinyl cleaner. Another technique that can be employed to get your G-Floor spotless is simply dragging it out of the garage for a good old fashioned hose off.

G-Floor: Roll-Out Garage Flooring from Better Life Technology

G-Floor is designed in a variety colors and tread types that are functional as well as aesthetically appealing, blue raised radial being the darling here at FlooringNews.com. Besides looking good G-Floor is comfortable for feet which can really be beneficial for the ever more popular multi-use garage. Yet another attribute in G-Floor’s corner are its inherent insulating and noise reducing properties, a plus for any household.

For its overall practicality of installation, affordability, and slew of advantages G-Floor gets the FlooringNews.com stamp of approval. G-Floor is a premier flooring solution for the garage and is definitely highly recommended. Our overall grade: A

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