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Floor Care: No Wax Floor

November 23rd, 2007 · No Comments

Most no-wax floors will accumulate tiny scratches over time that can dull the appearance of the floor. Before reaching for the polish, though, you need to make sure the floor is clean. Some cleaning products leave a residue that must be removed before the finish is applied. Otherwise, you’ll just be sealing dirt, cleaner residue, and/or old polish onto the floor’s surface — the dullness and the splotches will still be there.

The following advice isn’t intended for site-finished hardwood floors, which shouldn’t be washed, scrubbed or polished. Such surfaces should need only an occasional spot cleaning in addition to regular dusting or sweeping.

Begin by removing the residue of past cleaning and polishing. Choose a no-rinse floor cleaner, mop the product onto the floor (following label instructions), and rinse clean, picking up the rinse water with a clean mop. You may want to clean up dirt and residue along edges and in corners by hand. Allow the floor to dry, then inspect it closely; repeat the cleaning process until the floor is clean.

Floor finishes add a protective sealant to the floor’s surface and, like wax for floors and cars, will keep dirt off the floor surface and speed future cleanings. Choose a product suitable for the type of floor you have, and follow label directions when applying the finish.

Reference: Don Aslett in The Cleaning Encyclopedia: Your A to Z Illustrated Guide to Cleaning Like the Pros.

Courtesy of: The Housekeeping Channel.

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