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Environ II – Electric Floor Heating Under Carpet and Laminate Applications

November 9th, 2007 · 1 Comment

Electric Floor Heating Under Carpet and Laminate Applications

Environ II systems are designed to be installed by the flooring installer.


EnvironII? floor heating systems consist of evenly spaced serpentine loops of a Teflon insulated copper alloy resistance heating element sandwiched between 4 layers of aluminum foil laminate. The highly durable laminate provides protection for the heating system and helps to rapidly and evenly distribute heat across the full surface of the mat.

Environ II heating systems are ultra thin, measuring only 1/16 in thickness. The system’s high tech slimline design allows it to be installed between a carpet and pad, or floating wood and subfloor, without impacting floor height.

A full room system will often consist of several pre sized heating mats laid out according to the installation plan that accompanies each order. Each mat comes with its own integrated power lead that travels back to a thermostat and/or junction box for power. Mats are not wired together in series, and they will not “ruck” or buckle when carpeting is pulled or stretched over them.


Environ II floor heating systems are 10-watt systems, allowing for a more gradual warming of delicate carpet and floating wood floor coverings. Systems may be installed under most modern tufted and woven carpets with thickness of between 1/4 and 1.

Any brand of quality carpet padding may be used with installation as long as it has a density of 6 lbs. per cubic foot (most good quality rebonded and prime polyurethane pads have densities of 8 lbs. or more).

Most floating wood floors up to 3/4 thick may be installed over an Environ II system as long as they do not have metallic strips as part of their locking system (strips may damage the heating mat).

Energy Efficient & 100% Maintenance Free

Environ II heating systems are energy efficient and environmentally friendly. Unlike conventional gas forced-air heating systems, electric radiant heat converts 100% of its energy into producing even, room filling heat that envelopes the whole body in soothing warmth. Even when employing a full 10-hour on cycle, an Environ II system will heat a large size family room or bedroom for less than $0.58 a day.

In addition to being energy efficient, Environ II systems are 100% maintenance free, with no moving parts to wear out or filters to change – ever. Homeowners suffering from air-born related allergies will also breathe easier with their Environ II? system, as there are no dusty air ducts or blower fans to accumulate and distribute mold and dirt.

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