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Cleaning Garage Floors

November 9th, 2007 · 2 Comments

Cleaning garage floors is done for a variety of reasons. Having a clean garage flooring surface is the most basic reason. You may intend to lay a new flooring directly to it and need a clean surface to ensure quality installation of the new material.

If you’re one of those people who uses their garage for more than just parking your cars, you’ve probably spilled something or stained the floor at one point or another. Can these spots and stains be erased from the concrete’s memory?

Here’s why you might be thinking of cleaning your garage floor:
* you want to change the room into a livable space
* in order to lay down new flooring
* just to improve the overall appearance and safety

With housing costs skyrocketing, it only makes sense to look to what you already have for more living space rather than purchasing a newer and bigger home. And if you already live in a warmer climate (or don’t mind scraping the car windows in the morning), why not park the cars outside and make your garage into a new living area?

Cleaning garage floors is the first step to your remodeling and redecorating process. You’re going to need to remove the offending stains that just won?t fit into the kid’s new playroom or your new poker room. And how do you do that?

First of all, you want to know that cleaning the garage floor is essential if you’re thinking of painting on the surface. Simple scrubbing and cleaning may not be enough. You might think that the surface is ready — simply paint on a coat of paint and see great results. The stain or grease leaves a layer in between the floor and the paint that creates a lack of adhesion in many cases. And if you still park your car in the garage, the tires will probably peel the paint off.

To really clean the garage floor, you’ll need solvents and proprietary cleaners. You can find these kinds of products in hardware and paint stores. Be sure to follow the instructions completely to ensure that all of the stains and dirt are removed.

Pressure washers are great for cleaning garage floors too. These washers power water onto the surface at about 1200-2000 psi. These are a great option when the garage floor is extremely stained or it has been stained for a long time. If you can’t find a pressure washer, a steam cleaner can be just as effective. In either case though, you may want to incorporate a detergent to help break up the grease and other stains.

Cleaning garage floors is also necessary to ensure that the tiling adhesive of or other flooring options will stick. While the adhesive will indeed stick one surface to another, any stains that remain can slowly break down these bonds and create problems with the actual flooring, so you want to be sure to clean the garage floor as thoroughly as possible.

You also want to look into cleaning the garage floor in order to prevent slips and falls in the area. Grease spots can cause slips; you don’t want falls on the hard concrete, to say the least.

While no one wants to start cleaning garage floors, it is a necessary step on your way to a more beautiful housing space — even if you still use it as a combination garage and workshop.

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