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CENTURYAVX AVIATION FLOORING announced by Flooring Adventures

November 9th, 2007 · No Comments

Richmond, VA — CenturyAVX solid vinyl floor tile was announced today by Flooring Adventures. Designed specifically for use in commercial, general and civil aviation applications and facilities, it contains a hidden Tuff-Seal? interlock system and is backed by a five-year warranty. For most applications, no adhesive, special tools or installation expertise are needed.

CenturyAVX flooring can be used in virtually any aviation facility or application, including kit aircraft builders, hangers and terminals, basements and below-grade areas, workshops, safety and security areas, baggage claim, concourses, passenger bridges, emergency, ground support and maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) areas.

CenturyAVX stays in place and does not shift even under heavy point loads. It can be used for wayfinding and to brighten cold and uninviting hangers and other areas, such as those used by visitors, customers and employees. CenturyAVX’s cushioned feel has been shown to improve productivity and comfort, while reducing noise and dust.

Requiring minimal floor prep, CenturyAVX is easily installed over any flat, clean, structurally sound surface, including contaminated, moisture-problem or uncured concrete subfloors. Since no solvents, sealers or adhesives are used, the tiles can be installed in VOC-sensitive or restricted areas. Once in place, AVX’s hidden Tuff-Seal interlocking edges form straight, precise seams and a uniform watertight surface ready for immediate traffic and loads of up to 500 p.s.i. With proper instruction, the tiles can be quickly and easily removed and re-laid in other areas as needed or moved to other sites in the case of rental facilities.

CenturyAVX tiles are 18″ x 18″ (450 mm x 450 mm), ?” (6.5 mm) thick, weigh 3.7 pounds (1.67 kg) and are available in two versions: CenturyAVX-r is made of premium-grade 100% post-industrial recycled PVC and is available in a round studded pattern in matte-finish black. CenturyAVX-p is made of virgin PVC and is available in seven colors.

Tested and resistant to most fluids and other materials used in aviation, all CenturyAVX tiles are impact, fire, chemical and stain-resistant. Hydraulic fluid, solder and epoxy adhesive do not affect CenturyAVX tiles if quickly removed, but if damaged, the tiles can be easily replaced. CenturyAVX meets ADA slip-resistance recommendations and ASTM specifications for F-1700 solid vinyl tile, is 100% recyclable, easy to maintain and helps meet LEED criteria. Since CenturyAVX tiles are generally not adhered to the subfloor, their cost may be fully deductible in the first year.

For CenturyAVX information and samples, contact Flooring Adventures, 7453 Whitepine Road, Richmond, VA 23237, 877-779-2454, www.flooringadventures.com

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