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Buying a Vacuum

November 9th, 2007 · No Comments

A vacuum cleaner is a device that is used for cleaning carpeted floors or smooth tiled floors and other surfaces. Dust and dirt from the area is sucked up by a partial vacuum created by an air pump built in the device. The filtering system or a cyclone collects dirt and dust that is later disposed. The pump creates a negative pressure by reducing the pressure inside the tube and pulling the air through the surface to be cleaned and into the tube. This causes suction due to difference in air pressure, thus causing the dust to be sucked into the bag. A wet/dry vacs is a type of a vacuum cleaner and a specialized form of the canister vacuum. A wet/dry vacuum can even clean liquid spills and often can accommodate both wet and dry dirt. Some of these dry/wet vacuum cleaners also have a switch or exhaust port that reverses the airflow and helps in multiple tasks from clearing a clogged hose to blowing dust into a corner for easy collection.

Features and working of a Vacuum Cleaner

Most of the vacuum cleaners are either corded or they run on Rechargeable batteries. The machine is equipped with a by-pass motor that is designed in such a way that it will not be damaged even when liquid is picked-up. For the safety of the user, the adaptor stops vacuum action of the motor head when the tank to hold the liquid is full. Generally, the hose and the swivel connectors are pre-assembled at the factory. The built-in gore dry filter collects drywall dust or other dust particles and the tank collects the liquid dirt. The filter of the vacuum can be easily washed and cleaned. Some of the vacuum cleaners have a dual filtering system, which includes high quality cartridge filter and a fine dust collecting bag. The capacity of the vacuum cleaner is a vital feature. The hose length and other accessories are critical in reaching out to difficult-to-clean places. Some of the vacuum cleaners have a hose that is automatically cleaned when the tool is turned off. The large wheels attached to the tool provide for easy maneuvering. The tool kit that is usually packaged with the tool has one or two pieces of wands, and other tool accessories. There are different types of tanks available; tanks without drain valves, tanks with drain valves, and tanks with gate valves. The tanks of the cleaner can be dried by just switching on the vacuum cleaner for 5 minutes without picking up anything. Many power tools such as sanders can be used along with vacuum cleaners. Whenever the tool is switched on the cleaner automatically starts and collects all the dust that is created by the tool in application. The handle of the device is positioned in a right angle to the cleaner for better maneuvering and has a storage bag attached. This is a flexible handle whose position can be changed. Some of the cleaners even have a flat top surface to keep tools while they are in use.

Another type of vacuum cleaner available is the intelligent robotic vacuum cleaner. This cleaner is extremely compact and requires around 2 ½ hours of battery charging. The UV light helps in disinfecting the floor. With the photo sensor detector built-in, it prevents the vacuum cleaner from falling off the stairs. It stops automatically and gives a warning beep when the wheels get stuck. One can even set the time. The cleaner has a slot provided where a user put fragrance of their choice. The robotic vacuum cleaner is built with 3 easy to clean and washable filters.

What to look for in Vacuum cleaners

It is very important to compare all the vacuum cleaners on the basis of mobility, power, filter system, wet and dry performance, and noise. It is important to consider the ratio of the weight and the dimensions of the cleaner to the tank capacity. Additionally, one should also keep in mind the storage of the hose and the accessories. For example, in some of the vacuum cleaners the hose can be easily tied around the body and the accessories can be placed in the storage provided. They can even have a deep channel around the motor housing to hold the cord. The handle of the cleaner should be positioned in such a way that the gadget can be quickly picked up and placed anywhere without disturbing the settings. Larger vacuum cleaners with broader wheelbase, sticking out of the body, make it difficult to transport.

The next point to be considered is the performance and the ease with which the tool can be used. Some of the cleaners have 5 plastic casters mounted beneath the body that give more control on the tool’s movements, and also making it more stable. The vacuum cleaner with a wide wheelbase rolls easily and faster. The rubber bumper at the bottom of the cleaner hides the wheels and protects other hardware from getting damaged.

Selecting a vacuum cleaner with a blunt plastic nozzle and a good vacuum head is preferable. The hose should be flexible and should be able to clean corners, the insides of cabinet carcasses, or windowsills with ease. The length and the diameter of the hose should be considered while taking the decision. A proper lock for hose is necessary to avoid the popping-out while in use. The broader the diameter of the hose the more bulk the vacuum cleaner can pick-up. Some of the vacuum cleaners have interchangeable hoses that make them more versatile and can suck up bulk items when they are attached to other powered tools such as sanders and drillers.

The 3 stage filter system is good for cleaning the drywalls. The primary and the secondary filters in this filter system ensure that both coarse and fine dust particles are efficiently collected. However, cleaning of these multiple filters post use, is complicated and is time consuming too. Some of the cleaners have a brass toggle that keeps shaking the filter tank, thus the dust in the filter tank gets settled giving a longer runtime. The vacuum cleaner with a disposable vacuum bag is another option. These disposable bags are either made of paper or from fabric. The filter system that has a pleated-paper filter is easy to remove and clean.

It is also important to consider the noise Level that is produced by the device and select a quieter motor. It is advisable to pick up a cleaner with a good range of quality accessories. This is very essential especially while considering a wet pick-up. Moreover, it is necessary to test the suction power of the wet/dry vacuum cleaner.

Some reputed manufacturers of vacuum cleaners include Milwaukee, Porter Cable, DeWalt, Coleman Powermate, CleanMate, and Shop Vac.

Source: Toologics.com

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