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Buying a Fein Multi-Master

November 9th, 2007 · No Comments

The Fein MultiMaster incorporates a wide array of tools useful for varied tasks, such as cutting, scraping, sawing, sanding, polishing, and even consolidating concrete. The MultiMaster has become the all-in-one tool for various workshop requirements of a skilled professional. This versatile tool integrates a set of tools such as a saw, a sander, a putty knife, and a scraper into a single unit. The tool can be used for plunge cutting into drywall as well as scraping away old paint, graffiti, stains, and adhesives. Installing neat wooden ceilings is made easy with the MultiMaster. While consolidating concrete, the tool prevents air bubbles from being created. In the automotive industry, this tool can be used for cutting metal sheets up to 1 mm. The MultiMaster is also useful in the boat building business. This tool has been designed to be user-friendly and is an ideal device to have at home.

Features and working of the Fein MultiMaster

A Fein MultiMaster is powered by a 120 volt, approximately 1.5 amp motor. The sanding part of the MultiMaster incorporates a performance of around 12000 to 21000 orbits per minute (opm). The variable speed feature of the motor allows the user to change the operational speed depending on the target material and the intended task. The contours of the sander are designed to minimize recoil when sanding towards any edge or corner. The abrasion Level of the tool is maintained even in corners.

The MultiMaster basically uses its oscillatory motion to perform a wide variety of tasks, giving the user the option of changing any of the tool accessories to vary the functionality. For sanding, around two hook and loop sanding pads are provided with sandpaper having varying roughness Levels. The flat sanding pad allows usage in narrow spaces like window louvers. For sawing, the Multimaster can be attached with either a segmented or a universal E-cut saw blade. The knife blade is applicable to cut floor coverings, when they need to be changed. A depressed center saw blade functions on the same plane as the concerned surface. The segmented blades are suited for notching and fitting tasks. Circular blades are useful for cutting out a single damaged tile without affecting any of the other surrounding tiles. For gouging into materials such as wood, a carbide triangular rasp or a segmented recessed carbide grout blade is used. For scraping tasks, a rigid scraper blade is attached to the tool. A polishing pad can be used for polishing applications. Felt pad polishing tips render the surface with a gleaming finish. Around 30 hook and loop sanding sheets are included with most MultiMasters. Sometimes, the accessories are connected to the tool through an adaptor that offers 40 per cent more torque during operation.

Unlike most power tools, the MultiMaster works through oscillatory motions rather than rotational or orbital motions. The range of oscillation is around 3.2 angular degrees. This feature enables usage of the tool in relatively tight corners, with negligible kickback. This increases accuracy and safety. Thus, window panes can be sanded or scraped without the glass breaking. Coarse sanding results in greater stock removal at a faster pace

What to look for in a Fein Multimaster

To facilitate user comfort, the Fein MultiMaster offers a vibration-free performance and also ensures that the noise level of the tool remains below a certain acceptable decibel range. User safety is also not ignored, especially in relatively risky tasks such as sawing. The handle of the tool is ergonomically contoured, and this coupled with the oscillatory motion of the tool, reduces wrist fatigue during prolonged operation.

As with any tool involved in cutting and sanding tasks, there is bound to be a certain amount of dust being generated. A comprehensive dust collection system intrinsic to the MultiMaster, or attached to it, would be a great advantage. The sanding pad and the sanding sheet are normally rendered with perforations to facilitate direct dust absorption, thereby keeping the environment clean. A segment saw blade is rendered with a diamond coating for cutting exceptionally hard materials such as ceramic tiles. While the diamond saw blade is generally the sharpest, the carbide tipped segment saw blade is more popular due to it being cheaper and more versatile. For safe storage of the tool as well as easy portability, considering the number of accessories involved, the Fein MultiMaster is shipped with a strong metal case. The MultiMaster is a versatile product from power tool manufacturer Fein.

Source: Toologics.com

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