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Aged Woods

November 1st, 2007 · No Comments

Aged Woods was started in 1984 by Donald Sprenkle, Jr. He was restoring an old stone house in southern York County and wanted to use cypress in his bathroom and shower. Like everyone, he was looking for a deal. He contacted a local “used wood dealer”, as they were known then, and contracted to buy a small quantity of cypress removed from mushroom houses in southeastern Pennsylvania. When many of his friends expressed interest in buying some as well, he was off and running. A local advertising agency was contacted, a name and logo were created and a brochure was designed. While Don was not the first to turn barn wood into flooring, he certainly was the first to apply modern marketing techniques to it and raise the public consciousness about recycling.

In April of 1986, Jeffrey Horn became a partner and vice president. In 4Q88, Jeff became sole shareholder and President, the position he holds to this day.

The company sells it’s flooring products throughout the US and Canada. International sales include accounts in Israel, Singapore, England and Hong Kong. While a great percentage of the company’s sales are for residences, the fastest growing (and most visible) category is commercial applications.

In November, 2001, the company began doing business as (DBA) Yesteryear Floorworks Company. This was done in order to introduce non-recycled wood flooring products.

Aged Wood – The Product

Most of our raw materials are retrieved from agricultural out-buildings, e.g. barns, ranging in age from 75 years to as much as 200 years. Some of our planks are from the trees of the virgin forests, trees that were alive when our ancestors arrived. Having grown during a period of unique ecological balance, this wood has a tighter grain.

From these old woods emerges a precision-milled plank that retains the patina and character imparted by the signs of old-time craftsmen and decades of wind, rain and sun. We divide our planks into Antique and Antique Distressed? products. It is not grading but a recognition of the varying degrees of weathering that occurred.

Our “Antique” products are milled from beams and other barn wood that did not receive a lot of weathering. This raw material produces a lighter colored floor with a degree of character that hints at age and rusticity. While “country” in feel, it has been successfully used in contemporary decors. “Antique Distressed?” products are made from barn siding and barn wood that was exposed to the elements. These floors are characterized by dark patina and more character. Note that not all products are available both ways.

As with most things in nature, no two are the same and this applies to our wood as well. There will be variations from board to board in color, grain patterns, nail, knot and worm holes, weather cracks, etc. These variations are the source of our products’ natural rusticity.

Contact Information
Aged Woods, Inc.
2331 E. Market St.
York, PA 17402
United States of America
Tel: (717)840-0330
Fax: (717) 840-1468
Toll Free: (800) 233-9307


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