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Add Luxury to Your Home with the Latest Rugs

May 15th, 2013 · No Comments

The latest rugs are all about opulence and luxury   deep pile shimmering viscose and wool rugs handmade in India and shaggy leather pile rugs you can sink your feet into. This guide will help you to discover the latest trends and find the perfect rug for your home.

Luxury Rug

Add some Opulence
The latest trend is to decorate your home in minimalist neutrals   whilst that’s all well and good, it doesn’t scream luxury or style. Adding opulence to your home with accessories such as a deep pile rug is a great way to showcase your unique style and make your home cosy and inviting. Deep pile shaggy leather rugs in chocolate brown or aubergine add an instant focal point to a large living room and sinking your feet into them after a long day at the office is nothing short of blissful!

Shimmer and Shine
When shopping for rugs in the UK, wool and viscose blends (often handmade in India) are the perfect option to add some interest and sparkle to a boring wooden floor. These rugs contain a mixture of thick and thin yarns which provide interesting texture and catch the light, giving your floor an iridescent shimmer that’s absolutely stunning! What’s more, they are super-soft underfoot and add a touch of luxury to any room.

Be Bold with Sheepskin

Gone are the days when sheepskin rugs were bland and white. Nowadays, you’re more likely to find sheepskin and flokati rugs in a whole range of eye catching colours, from vibrant purple to black, red, green and even fuchsia pink. Baby blue sheepskin rugs are perfect for adding romantic, vintage appeal to a white and turquoise living room   the softness of these rugs underfoot is hard to beat! A purple flokati rug next to the bed is a great way to wake up   let your bare feet sink into the silky soft fibres and let out a blissful sigh!

Be Daring with Damask

For a feminine touch, damask patterned rugs are the perfect option   choose one with contrasting colours for a modern feel (purple and black is a popular choice). These stylish rugs add an instantly feminine feel to any room   so if you’re looking to make your mark on your boyfriend’s black leather bachelor pad, a damask rug is the perfect way to do it!

When shopping for rugs in the UK, it’s easy to find a great deal buying online. Prices are often lower and the range of rugs available to choose from is far greater   you’ll find all the latest trends such as flokati, viscose shimmer and shaggy rugs available to buy at competitive prices. With websites often providing free or discounted delivery on bulk orders, it makes sense to buy a rug for every room of your home at one time   you could make great savings!

Amy Buddin writes for wide range of interior design blogs and magazines and is obsessed with colourful home accessories. She loves advising friends (and her boyfriend Jamie) on the perfect colours to complement their ddcor and has recently given Jamie’s bachelor pad a much needed makeover! Visit this page to see some of her favourite rugs.

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