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A Great Way to Jazz Up the Home Gym

October 15th, 2010 · No Comments

I wanted to take a moment to share a product with you that has really come in handy and made a huge difference in our workout routines.

My husband and I workout on a weekly basis. He does much more weight training than I do. I tend to do more cardio and stretching exercises than he does. But, between the two of us, we both use our home gym almost every day.

We have a very large home gym setup at our house that we keep in the garage. We currently have an all-in-one system, a weight bench, free weights, various dumbbells, medicine balls, jump ropes and equipment for plyometric workouts. It’s a great little gym.

Keeping the equipment in the garage is a nice way of having a gym at our home and keeping it out of site when guests come over. The only problem with the setup is that the concrete garage flooring is hard, cold and dusty. Not to mention it is a pain in the butt with the dumbbells rolling all over the floor and the loud clanking that the weights make when you drop them down.

We were looking for a product that would cut down on dust, noise and the cold, hard look and feel of our gym. We scoped out various products before we finally made our decisions.

We were lucky enough to come across some heavy duty rubber gym floor mats from a company called Treadall. These mats are incredible. They have changed so many aspects of our home gym and the flooring. The garage/home gym looks great and feels great when we are working out. I highly recommend these gyms floor mats from Treadall to anyone who is looking for a new flooring material for their home gym or any other high traffic outdoor area that needs a little update.

A word of caution about moving these mats. They are roughly four-feet-by-four-feet and weigh around 40 pounds. The size and the weight of each individual mat makes it awkward to move them around, but once you get them in the area you want, installation is a breeze.

The mats have interlocking sides that fit together perfectly. The mats are designed to fit together seamlessly in any surface. Many of the mats have flat edges that allow you to slide against the wall to get a nice, flush fit. I recommend grouping the mats prior to laying them down so you know what sides go where.

Maintaining the rubber floor mats is as easy as it is to install them. Dirt doesn’t stick to the surface, which I originally thought it would because of the textured surface. After we had positioned all the mats and moved the equipment back in place, there was a good amount of dirt on top of the mats. I took our large push broom and brushed it right off. Couldn’t be any easier. The mats have been down for a little bit now, and I have noticed there has been a lot less dust and dirt coming in to the house from the garage. I couldn’t be happier about that.

I am very impressed with the overall look and feel of these mats. Treadall has done a great job with this product. The mats are available in a variety of colors, and can be used in your home gym, your garage, an outdoor area or any other place that needs a quick, easy, makeover that is extremely easy to install and maintain. Visit http://www.gymfitnessmatsusa.com/gym-weight-room/interlocking to find out more.

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