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A Great Option for Gym Flooring

February 1st, 2011 · No Comments

There are various flooring products that can be used in home or public gyms. Ideally, you will want a product that is comfortable, aesthetically pleasing and functional. For high traffic, outdoor areas, laying a highly durable and easy to maintain flooring material will be ideal.

If you are looking for a new flooring material for a home gym, an upgrade to your personally owned public gym, or even a new flooring material for a garage or outdoor deck, rubber mats, like the kind available through Treadall, are a great product that will meet your needs.

The mats are extremely functional and stylish – they are available in a variety of colors – adding a nice focal point and atmosphere to any gym. The thick rubber is comfortable and great for dropping free weights and barbells down without causing a noise disturbance. The mats are also great for yoga and ab workouts, as they are thicker than most other gym floor surfaces. Using a yoga mat is still recommended to reduce the risk of injury.

Although there are gym flooring materials out there that are incredibly difficult to install, rubber mats from Treadall, are as easy to put down as they are to look at. The most difficult part of the installation process for the rubber mats is moving them around to where you want them; each mat weighs about 40 pounds and they are a bit awkward to move because of the size of each mat. They are available in different sizes; some mats are 4-feet by 4-feet. Laying the rubber mats out can be a one person job, but the process will go much smoother if at least two people are able to complete the process. You will want help getting the mats where you want them.

The mats have different edged pieces that resemble puzzled pieces. It is important to line up the mats and figure out where each piece goes; certain mats have straight edged pieces that will lay against a wall. This is important because once the mats are down, they will appear to be a seamless. The finished product will look like one large area of flooring, rather than various individual pieces.

Keeping the mats clean is very easy. Removing dirt is as simple as picking up a broom or a vacuum and doing a little cleaning. The surface is smooth, although it appears to the naked eye to be textured, and wipes clean without any issues.

Rubber mats are extremely versatile and heavy duty. Whether you’re renovating a home or public gym, or you want a nice update to an outdoor area or garage, rubber mats won’t disappoint. They will provide a great, functional final product.

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